Saturday, May 9, 2009

'Who?' logo creation

Intramural basketball was one of the most enjoyable activities at college, and I had the pleasure to play with a great group of guys. Although we never broke through and won a championship, we did have everlasting memories together. Part of these memories included the creation of a team logo, which I worked on in my spare time with the feedback of my old roomie and best bud, Matt. The name was the only established part of the equation --- 'Who?' was the chosen name. 'Who?' was always just a fun name we came up with so that we could inflate a little bit of self-importance within the team --- and to mess with apposing teams ("Who are we playing today?" "Who." "Who?" "Exactly.") This name also helped us mold a chip on our shoulder because we felt we were a naturally talented team that was just built from a group of friends, whereas other competitive teams would recruit and steal talented players from other teams and ex-basketball players. These teams attempted to swipe me from my squad, but I was loyal to the 'Who?' throughout college, and never regret that decision once! (Design created: 2003)

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