Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cloud 9 Ice Cream kiosk simulation

Ordering from a kiosk can either be the most simplistic process you have ever been through, or sometimes it can be like pulling teeth. We see kiosks being used regularly, such as the express checkout at your local Fred Meyer store.

The group project you are about to see screenshots of dealt with kiosks as a means for ordering food, instead of traditional ordering techniques. We were able to choose our own food - and we chose ice cream. So our job was to imagine a group of people coming into a ice cream parlor, sitting at a table, and having a kiosk available for them to order from, instead of a human being. The process had to be very efficient and fun.

The original project required creating a clickable example of a full order - from first choice to thank you screen. So this required my experience in web design and programming - creating essentially a website of the process from beginning to end. Here are some images from the would-be kiosk...screenshots that will take you through the order process as best as they can (without a live demo).

#1 - Entry screen: I selet 'Cones'

#2 - 'Cones' screen: I choose Waffle, Love It! (taking after Cold Stone's naming scheme)

#3 - Ice Cream landing page: I choose 'Cloud Nine Favorites'

#4 - 'Cloud Nine favorites' page: I choose Brownie Bliss

#5 - Toppings screen: I select Yellow Cake

#6 - Taken to the Check Out page: I select Credit Card

#7 - After paying, I'm taken to a Thank you confirmation page - then I await my ice cream (this time, from a human)

(Designs created: 2004)

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