Saturday, May 9, 2009

'The Roost' Family Restaurant logo

Logo creation is a very fun and tedious process. It's about creating a very recognizable face to the company brand, one that is memorable and depicts what the business is about. It's also about the importance of how a logo looks, and it's readability, when it is shrunk down. In this case, 'The Roost' was the name I gave this family restaurant. I think it's a very fun name for a restaurant and depicts a place that is a place to hang out and have fun, just as if you were at home. It has a hometown feel of it where it would seem like they serve home cooked meals. Then, just as Mom's home cooking sometimes does because it's so dang good and filling, you want to go into a happy food coma - that's where you want to just sleep, or 'roost' in this case...Ok, Ok so I'm stretching it a bit...but that's also part of the fun of logo critiques. (Design created: 2001)

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