Saturday, May 9, 2009

Energy Drink logo creation

With the saturation of energy drinks in the industry, our class decided to muddy the waters even more - by creating a uniquely named and branded logo of our own. This was intended to be a group project in the end, but our first step was to work independently, and then come together for a collaborative effort and choose one of the group members logos to proceed with...

I chose: Pulse - The Motion Potion. No, this isn't a sexual product, but it does have that sort of double meaning where one could think sexually. But the main intention was to mean motion, as in sports, or just keep moving through the day without tiring out. I think Pulse is a very short name, easy to remember, very masculine and has very strong ties with what an energy drink should do for you --- provide you with an adrenaline rush and increase blood flow.

Here was my progressions throughout the logo creation process of Pulse:

#1 - Started out really emphasizing the 'echo' lines/water ripple effect and having just a 'P' and then spelling out 'Pulse' underneath, then followed by the tagline. Found out much too soon that there was too much going on.

#2 - Played with some color change, but the blue just didn't do it for me --- pulse reminded me too much of blood flow, and so I had to stick with the red - plus red is a color that has a lot more pop to it. I think the blue just made it look dead, literally.

#3 - Stuck with the 'echo' lines like the above example, but intensified them a bit. Switched color back from blue to red. Added italics to 'Motion' within tagline.

#4 - Reduced the 'echo' lines to just the left-hand side of the logo - I think it creates a much stronger visual presence because of the fact it's not symmetrical. I liked how the 'echo' lines connected to the word 'Pulse': Gave the logo a sense of flow.

#5 - Not sure why I went away from what was working before, but I think I lost my way a bit here - see #6 below for my redemption period.

#6 - I incorporated all the features I liked from previous versions to help lead me to a logo that was very simple, but visual stimulating and powerful.

Did our group choose 'Pulse' as the energy drink of choice? (Design created: 2004)

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