Saturday, May 9, 2009

Iconographic image...can you guess?

Not too proud of this one, but had a good laugh when I looked back on it. That's one thing I love about keeping all your work - you can look back and see how much you have progressed (or think you have progressed)... The project here was to create a iconographic image that can stand alone and be easily recognizable (without words accompanying it) to any individual despite the language they speak, etc. The thought here was to think of an airport setting, where people only have a second to look at a sign and click - they get it and know what to do! Can you guess what the image is that I'm trying to communicate? DRINKABLE is the answer. It's a tough one to do without words. And I do admit this one is pretty goofy and not very universal in it's message. I would say my lips relate to the Twizzler lips of the past or the present day Dairy Queen lips that you see on TV ads. (Design created: 2001)

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