Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Oil' political posters

My senior year of college I created a three part poster series involving the political issues of oil, or more specifically, the U.S. dependency on foreign oil. I will provide a brief explanation for what each poster describes and then explain some things you may not have seen as you viewed each one...

#1 of 3 - SP'OIL'ED?: Started out the series by just representing some facts about oil that I had researched surrounding oil consumption within the U.S. and how it compared to other nations.

#2 of 3 - TERM'OIL': Things start getting a little more interesting now, as I present some controversial facts surrounding the idea that the war in Iraq is/isn't not a "war over oil".

#3 of 3 - B'OIL'ING POINT.: Projections of our use of oil in the future produce some scary numbers.

You will notice that as the posters progress, the hand (which once started out as a clean and nearly perfect print) smears more and more until in poster #3 there lacks any resemblance of a hand. Look closely in poster will even see some evil faces (in the left and right palm), which surprisingly wasn't manipulated manually by me. It was just how the filter operated, but I think it's a nice touch, despite how evil it looks.

All handprints and oil production was done by yours truly! I had a fun time smearing oil on my hands and making prints on paper. It reminded me of finger painting in grade school, for sure! After much experimentation, I then photographed the prints and then manipulated everything digitally after that point.

(Designs created: 2005)

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