Saturday, May 9, 2009

Uncle Bob's BBQ logo and collateral creation

As a group our task was to select a cuisine of choice and restaurant name that would belong in a mall food court. Our group decided on BBQ food, then we chose the name Uncle Bob's BBQ. We then started to design individually, only to collaborate later and share our mock ups and then collaborate on a logo we could all agree upon and have a hand in creating.

Here are my mocks:

As a group, we decided that each member had incorporated great pieces to the overall puzzle we would call our final logo. We all wanted some sort of flame within the logo. We also soon discovered that the charred looking text, or branded text was very appealing and great indicator of barbecue.

So our logo evolved into the following:

In addition to the logo, we had to also create some collateral: A teaser advertisement that would fold and stand on the tables in the food court, and a children's hat (like the BK king hat). Here's a look at both:

(Designs created: 2004)

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